Pet Fest is on August 21st-23rd, 2020!

Pet Fest educates and entertains the public about the wonderful world of pets. It’s a time filled with family oriented online events featuring pet information, contests, exhibitors and pet adoptions. Pet Fest is also an outstanding shopping venue of products and services pertaining to pets and families. There are many pet adoption agencies participating with adoptable animals online!

Admission is free but we strongly urge you to donate any amount with our online option. Donations will be distributed to the participating shelters the week of 24th. As you can see, the 15th annual Pet Fest will be different this year due to the threat of spreading coronavirus in a crowded area. Because we can not adequately control social distancing, proper spacing of exhibitors and shelters, contest participants, etc., Pet Fest will be held all online this year. But don’t be sad! You still have the opportunity to enter fun pet contests by video!

Don’t miss the Doggie Olympics!

We have fun video contests for everyone with Olympic Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place plus prizes from local businesses! There’s no entry fee and all ages are welcome to enter! This year we have the Best Dressed Pet, Best Frisbee Catch, Best Obedience Demo, Best Pet Trick, Funniest Pets and Strangest Pets.

Please visit the CONTEST page (coming soon!) to submit your video and wine prizes!

Our Mission

Pet Fest promotes responsible pet ownership with education through entertainment. Animal shelters are faced with an incredible burden of dogs and cats that they cannot find homes for. Having your pet neutered ensures that you will not be adding to the problem. Adopting from shelters and rescues provides loving homes instead of sitting in a cage waiting for a home or being humanely euthanized.

Find a New Furry Friend!

Visit with pet rescue organizations and local shelters from Western Montana. You’ll discover education on behavior issues, how to choose the right pet and more. Find a new forever friend from the pets for adoption.


This is an event to allow animal fans to get together and laugh at your silly little, (and sometimes not so little) guys! Please take a lighthearted approach for contests. We want everyone, contestants and viewers, to have a good time.

Would you like your business to participate in Pet Fest? Click HERE for an information and registration for exhibitors, shelters and sponsors.