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Wiener Dog Dash

Dachshunds will compete in the tournament style event on a short course in one of three categories at 2:00 the day of the event. Depending on the number of entrants, the top finishers of each heat will compete against each other for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in their category. It’s fun, competitive racing like you’ve never seen before!

Dozens of tiny wiener dogs racing for prizes and glory bring down the curtain at Pet Fest!  If you’ve never attended the Wiener Dog Dash, get ready to have your heart melt from the sheer cuteness of it all!

We have been asked many times if we accept mixed breed dachshunds in the dash. The answer is: Yes, but your dog must have the typical characteristics of a dachshund; low to ground, long body and short legs. If we find that any entered dog does not meet these criteria, it will be disqualified and not eligible to race. This is the only way we can keep the dash fair and safe for your dogs. If you have a mixed breed to enter, please check out the Mutt Runs!

2:00 – Wiener Dog Dash

Divided into 3 age categories: Little Smokies – up to 3 yrs., Frankfurters – 3 yrs. up to 6 yrs., Bratwurst – 6 yrs. and over.

Just like in 4th grade, but this time the wiener dogs do the running. Dog and handler line up at starting mark. Second handler kneels at finish line. On a signal, the dogs are released. Handler stands as soon as their dog reaches them. First 3 dogs to reach finish line wins.

Register your dog at the “REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION” tent at least 30 minutes prior to the race. Wiener Dog Dash will run in heats by the age groups. The length of each heat will depend on the number of entries in each group. Please be prepared for warm weather with fresh water for your pet.

Wiener Dogs Dash
Photo by TOM BAUER/Missoulian

After the end of each category race, winners should NOT leave!  The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category should take the winning wieners to the photo area to receive their medals. All photos will become the property of Pet Fest.

Rules and Information
You must be registered at the Registration Table at Pet Fest by 1:30 for the races. All dogs must be of at least 4 months of age and older and have had their current boosters.

All dogs MUST have two people to race, one to release and one to catch. Dogs will be provided with a colored doggy bandanna to identify them in the race and must be returned to event personnel upon exiting race area.

Rules are subject to change. Please pay close attention to event personnel before and after each race. Failure to follow rules may result in disqualification. You MUST return the colored scarf we give all entries promptly at the end of the race.

Your pet must be kept on a leash at all times until it is your turn to race. DO NOT LEAVE ANY ANIMALS IN YOUR CAR. Please be sure your animal is current on all vaccines. All humans involved must sign a consent and waiver releasing Pet Fest agents from all liabilities and to use their names and likenesses in future promotional material.


This is an event to allow small dog fans to get together and laugh at your silly little, (and sometimes not so little) guys! Please take a lighthearted approach at these events. We want everyone, contestants and spectators, to have a good time.

Please note that the Wiener Race at Pet Fest is not held as a competitive sport, is not held on a race track and is so short, you’ll miss it if you blink. Pet Fest supports the humane treatment of all animals and does not endorse dog racing for sport.