This sweet girl is Socks. She is believed to be a Hound mix, approximately 2 years old. This friendly canine was a young mother and a good one at that, but now she’s just waiting for her forever family to find her. Socks is very well behaved and she does great with people and other dogs. If you’re interested in meeting her, Socks is available for adoption via Thompson River Animal Care Shelter. TRACS can be reached at (406) 827-8722. An adoption application is also available on their website.


This is Captain. He is an energetic pup who is happiest when he is outside exploring with his nose. Captain’s past includes a situation where he spent most of his life in a kennel, and as a result, he can become overstimulated when he sees people and dogs. Despite that, this sweet boy loves people and cuddles. Captain has met other dogs, but hasn’t shown much interest, he is much more concerned with the smells around him. Dogs who are very forward may be overwhelming to him. His ideal forever home is a quiet, mature one and he would especially love to have a large, fenced yard to run around in. If Captain sounds like he could be the perfect pup for your family, he is available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. They can be reached at (406) 549-3934. You can begin the process by filling out a Pets & People Profile.


This sweet girl is Boots! She is believed to be   an American Staghound mix, and it’s possible that she has a bit of Scottish Deerhound in her, as well. The important thing to know about Boots however, is her great personality! A playful sweetheart, she has gotten along very well with the other dogs, and is excited to meet all the people at the Salmon Animal Shelter where she is patiently waiting to meet her forever family.  Boots has energy, but is certainly not hyper by nature. She is tall in stature, but quite light and skinny. If Boots sounds like she might be your BFF, the shelter, operated by the Lemhi County Humane Society, can be reached at (208)756-4100.


This is Veronica. She is approximately 4 and a half years old. This large, fluffy girl likes attention from people. She likes to know what’s going on and is very interested in what visitors are doing. Veronica is a vocal girl, and is not shy about sharing her opinions with anyone walking by. Veronica is looking for a forever home where she can be the only feline in the home. If you’re interested in learning more about Veronica, she is available for adoption through the Bitter Root Humane Association. They can be reached at (406) 363-5311. An adoption application can be found on the shelter’s website, or by clicking here.


This is Jasper. He is an adult American Staffordshire Terrier, who thinks he is a big lap dog. This lovable cuddle bug loves to play fetch, tug of war, and keep away. His favorite things are walks and car rides. Jasper is a smart boy who picks up tricks quickly. He also knows basic commands and is housetrained. Walks and drives are his favorite. Jasper tends to get anxious around new people. This can cause him to go on the defensive. He needs a home that will be able to take the time and have the patience to train him. His new home has to have him as an indoor pet and have lots of love to give. Jasper is available for adoption through All Hearts Rescue in Polson. If you’re interested in learning more email


This is Chuck, but he’ll tell you that the ladies know him simply as purr machine. It might take him a minute to get comfortable with someone new, but once he does, it’s head bumps and purring all day, every day. Chuck is incredibly affectionate and is looking for a forever home that will appreciate all the love he gives. It is unknown at this time whether Chuck gets along with dogs, but kids and other cats are okay. If you think you might be interested in making Chuck a part of your family, he is available for adoption via AniMeals. They can be reached at (406)721-4710. You can begin the process by filling out an  adoption application.


This is Jewel. This sweet girl is approximately one year old and weighs around 56 pounds. Jewel loves people, gets along with male dogs and should be fine with cats as soon as she realizes they aren’t scary. She is both crate and leash trained. Jewel was found as a stray and is still a bit underweight and needs a family who can show her a little TLC, and spend some quality time playing with her. She loves to play! If you’re looking for an affectionate, playful sweetheart to join your family, Jewel is available for adoption through  Great Pyrenees Rescue, Montana. The rescue can be reached at (406)370-3308, but they request that you fill out an adoption application to start the process.


This is Luke. He is an approximately one and a half year old German Shepard. This well-trained canine is looking for a forever family who will appreciate his superior intelligence and his stunning good looks. Like many of us this time of year, Luke is extremely food motivated. He does exhibit some guarding behavior but this improves with each positive interaction. He gets along well with men and women, but a household with kids under 12 may not be the best family for Luke. If you’re interested in making Luke a part of your family, he is available for adoption via the Montana German Shepherd Rescue. They can be reached at (406) 493-2264. You can begin the process by filling out an adoption application.