This friendly lump of cuteness is Cooper. He is approximately 6 years old and is primarily an outdoor dog who sleeps in the garage at night. Cooper is looking for a home with plenty of outdoor space to explore, someone who enjoys snuggling, and a secure fence. He gets along well with kiddos, chickens, cats, and most other dogs. Cooper has a pal named Yeti who he would love to be adopted with, but it isn’t a deal breaker.  If Cooper sounds like the BFF you’re looking for, he is available for adoption via Great Pyrenees Rescue, Montana. They can be reached at (406)375-0719 but ask that you fill out the application found HERE.



This beautiful girl is Reba. Reba is believed to be a Husky and is approximately 19 months old. She is very energetic, loves exercise and playing with other dogs. Reba is friendly and outgoing. She likes people and would do well in a home with kids. Reba is looking for a forever family or roommate who is active and has time to exercise with her. If Reba sounds like the perfect pal for you, she’s available for adoption via All Hearts Rescue. They can be reached at (406) 212-7544. 



This is Reno. Reno LOVES attention and is not shy about telling you she wants some. This vocal sweetheart is approximately 11 years old and is looking for a forever family that will let her spend her twilight years in a home where there is plenty of food, a soft bed, and an abundance of love. If Reno sounds like she would be a great addition to your family, she is available for adoption via AniMeals. Reno can be adopted through their Gaia’s Landing program, where all of her needs will be covered.  They can be reached at (406)721-4710.


This is  King. He is a Lab mix who is approximately one year old. King is a playful boy who loves tennis balls and playing. He’s very much still a puppy and needs a forever home with someone who has time to spend working on teaching him things. King also needs an active family. If he sounds like he could fit in to your family, King is available for adoption via the Bitter Root Humane Association. They can be reached at (406)363-5311.


This handsome fella is Newt. He’s approximately 7 years old and a huge fan of couch cuddles and chest scratches. He is looking for a forever buddy who will be patient while he gets comfortable, as he can be a bit shy at first. Newt also enjoys car rides and hiking. This smart guy would really like to be the only pet in his forever family. If Newt sounds like your kind of pal, he is available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. They can be reached at (406)549-3934.


This amazing pile of puppy cuddles is Dakota. She is believed to be a  Beagle/Dachshund cross, who is approximately 12 weeks old. Dakota was one of seven puppies born at the Thompson River Animal Care Shelter. Dakota is active, friendly, and and is looking forward to having a permanent cuddle buddy. She and her brothers and sisters contracted a fungal infection after they were born but are now completely healthy and just waiting for forever families to take them home and show them how awesome a bond between a puppy and his or her family can be. If you’re interested in meeting Dakota, you can contact TRACS at (406) 827-8722. You’ll also find an adoption application on their website.