This handsome guy is Jimmie. Besides the obviously attractive medium-length fur coat, he also has a very expressive face. Jimmie is believed to be a Husky mix who is approximately a year old and about 50 lbs. Jimmie came to Thompson River Animal Care Shelter from the Reservation in Browning. He is very friendly and easygoing, though he can be shy at first. If you’re interested in learning more about, or meeting Jimmie, you can contact TRACS at (406) 827-8722. An adoption application is also available on their website.


This sweet girl is Tuesday. She loves to run and chase a ball. She is looking for a loving, patient, low-traffic, adult-only home to succeed. Tuesday will bond strongly to her person and would prefer a home where she can be your constant companion. She would love to both curl up with you on the couch and also go on mountain adventures, swim in the river, chase the ball, or go on a trail run. If you are interested in meeting Tuesday, she is available for adoption via The Humane Society of Western Montana. They can be reached at (406) 549-3934. You can begin the process by filling out a Pets & People Profile.


This big boy is Waffle. He is a dilute Tabby cat who weighs approximately 12 pounds. Waffle would make an excellent companion, as he does fine with dogs, kids and other cats.  Waffle is very cuddly and is very affectionate with his people. He is looking for a forever home that offers him the opportunity to be both indoors and outside. If you think that this handsome cuddle machine would be a good fit for your family, Waffle is available for adoption at the Salmon Animal Shelter. The shelter, operated by the Lemhi County Humane Society, can be reached at (208)756-4100.


Dixie is a 3-year-old Heeler. She needs a forever home where she is the only pet, as she isn’t a fan of other dogs and also doesn’t like cats. Dixie needs a home without kids and would benefit from some one-on-one training and bonding with one or two new family members. She is working on her dog manners. If you, or someone you know, is interested in meeting Dixie, she is available for adoption through the Bitter Root Humane Association. They can be reached at (406) 363-5311. An adoption application can be found on the shelter’s website, or by clicking here.


This handsome young fella is Bert. He is a short hair Retriever mix puppy who is looking for a forever family who can show him some love! Bert is outgoing and good with other dogs, cats, and kids. He and his siblings were rescued from a ditch on the side of the road. Despite a rough start, Bert is happy guy who’s just looking for a forever home of his own. If you think Bert might be a great addition to your family, he is available for adoption via All Hearts Rescue in Polson. They can be reached at (406) 212-7544.

Taco & Belle

These two lovely ladies are Taco and Belle. Best pals and sisters, Taco and Belle are almost 18 months old and would love to find a forever home together. These sweethearts are social gals who are happy to greet guests or try to divert your attention while you fold laundry. Belle is 100% blind, but she doesn’t let that slow her down or keep from enjoying life with Taco. She has incredible sonar abilities. She has not had any litterbox issues and most of the time you cannot even tell she is blind. She can climb a 5-foot cat tree in about two seconds. During her spay, Belle experienced a seizure and has had two since. The cause of the seizures is unknown, the seizures are so infrequent that she does not require medication or any special care except love. Since she has had more than one seizure, she has been placed in AniMeal’s Gaia’s Landing program where all her medical bills as well as 24/7 medical support will be covered for the rest of her life. If you’re looking for two sweet kitties to add to your family, Taco and Belle would love to meet you. For more information, contact AniMeals at (406)721-4710 or fill out an adoption application.


This is Takaani. He is “little” for a Pry weighing in at only 65 pounds at 2 years old, but he has an extra-large personality. This super smart boy is looking for a forever family who will be patient with him, while he learns to trust. His start in life wasn’t an easy one and he has scars, both physical and emotional, to prove it. Takaani, or Kanni, loves car rides, walks, puzzle toys and spending time with the humans he loves. His ideal home would be a quiet home with no children, few visitors, and with adults who can meet him where he is and work at his pace. If you’re interested in learning more about Kanni, he is available for adoption through the Great Pyrenees Rescue, Montana. The rescue can be reached at (406)370-3308, but they request that you fill out an adoption application to start the process.


This is Luke. He is approximately one and a half year old German Shepard. This well-trained canine is looking for a forever family who will appreciate his superior intelligence and his stunning good looks. Like many of us this time of year, Luke is extremely food motivated. He does exhibit some guarding behavior but this improves with each positive interaction. He gets along well with men and women, but a household with kids under 12 may not be the best family for Luke. If you’re interested in making Luke a part of your family, he is available for adoption via the Montana German Shepard Rescue. They can be reached at (406) 493-2264. You can begin the process by filling out an adoption application.