Please record your video in horizontal format to fill the screen. There is no maximum length, Your video must be set to "public" mode where you have uploaded it (Facebook, YouTube, etc) or it will not be visible here. Inappropriate videos will be removed and the user will be blocked from further participation. You can vote once per day and share through social media share to encourage votes. Voting begins at 7am on Friday, August 21st and ends at 10pm on Sunday, August 23rd. Winners will be announced on Monday, August 24th. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, winners will be required to pick up their prizes from local businesses after this event closes. You must be 18 years or older to enter. You can submit one video per pet in each category.


Marketplace Media & Events provides Olympic Medals each year and Gift Certificates are donated by local businesses.

Additional prizes will be added as we receive them. Winners will be directed to the local business to receive their prizes.

  • 1st place receives a Pet Fest Gold Medal
  • 2nd place receives a Pet Fest Silver Medal
  • 3rd place receives a Pet Fest Bronze Medal


This prize will be awarded to the ONE video in ALL categories with the MOST overall votes! There will be only ONE grand prize winner from all videos submitted.

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